Month: September 2021

Welcome to My Blog!

Hey Yall!

Welcome to my blog, here I talk about the National Hockey League Season, and here I also talk about NHL Esports, which is video game tournaments and news throughout the community. Allow me to Introduce myself. My name is Nicholas Panarin, and here are some fun facts about me!

– I’m 20 years old.

-I’m a very big hockey/sports fan

– My favorite team is the Los Angeles Kings

-I also play eSports as one of my jobs

-I am on Prodigy eSports, which is the 2nd most coveted team in the country.

– I fly out to tournaments and participate in very large LAN events every year, and our next one is in Anaheim California in January!

Here below are some tags that will lead you to a different part of the site that you can either contact me, ask questions about anything sports related, or suggestions that I should research and write about! Thanks guys!