What Are Your 2 Takeaways from the First 3 Weeks of the NHL Season?

The NHL season has been crazy so far, with many games going into overtimes and teams that don’t look good on paper, but are actually looking amazing on the ice. These are my two takeaways from the first couple of weeks from this years NHL season.

The San Jose Sharks

This team had a crazy offseason, but with the season underway they look like a very large contender for the Stanley Cup. They lost their star player Evander Kane, for him being arrested for using a fake vaccination card, and betting on his own games. He is still hearing about whether he will play again in the NHL this season, but this team without him looks amazing. The goaltending is solid and the forwards are preforming and scoring some amazing team goals. Definitely look out for them down the stretch.

The Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames didn’t have a lot of work in the offseason, but they did switch their coach up with the addition of 2 time Stanley Cup Winner Darryl Sutter. As a Kings fan myself I really hated this addition because of the fact that Sutter won the cup 2 times with the Kings. With the Flames I think he can do some damage with this team and with all the firepower he’s got.

What are your guys top 2 takeaways? Put in the comments below and lets have a chat about it.

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